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The Most Common Reasons for Ad Grant Account Suspension

While Google does not release specific data, the most common reasons that lead to account suspensions are pretty well known. Google uses automated tools to monitor account structure, keyword usage, and appropriate metrics such as quality score and clickthrough rate.

During the period following Google’s policy change, many accounts had difficulty meeting the new minimum of 5%. Though there was a grace period, the conceptual approach was so different that most accounts found themselves trading off between traffic levels and CTR, at least at first. Now most well-maintained accounts keep a healthy margin and this is a much less frequent occurrence.

Account structure can become an issue quietly and lead to a suspension if it isn’t caught. Most people know to set up the account with at least two ad-groups per campaign and at least two ads per ad-group. But when you’re changing things a lot it’s easy to stop a particular ad-group without noticing that leaves only one in a campaign.

But the biggest problem most people face with Google is the keywords. Google asks us to use keywords that have a enough quality score, are relevant, and are not too generic. One word keywords are automatically considered generic. You can set up an automated rule that will pause keywords with a low quality score and if you’re paying attention you should be adhering to the policy on relevance and using at least two words.

The “generic” issue is trickier, however, because it’s an obvious judgement call. There is certainly a tendency at Google to penalize words that seem too close to the business/commercial world even if your non-profit is deeply invested in providing help to businesses or using social enterprise to accomplish change. Furthermore, the initial judgement is being made by their bots. You may find yourself suspended for keywords that a human reviewer would easily approve. So this becomes a judgement call, are you willing to test the boundary at the risk of occasional suspension? If that’s the only way to determine what words will work in some critical area, then it may be the best choice.

If you do get suspended, don’t panic. Start your immediate review of structure and keywords, then ask for Google to review. They will have a specialist look it over and guide you before it is submitter to the approvers. Overall, if you respond quickly, you can easily be back up in 4 to 5 days.

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