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Are Your Getting The Most Out Of Your 10K per month Google Ad grant?

Google ad grants is a powerful channel, but many non- profits are not spending anywhere near the allotted 10k per month. Many that are spending that much are not getting the results they could be. Ad Grants can be a critical source of potential donors, supporters, and volunteers not to mention a key communication medium to the target audience. Not getting the most out it would be a waste of opportunity. 

Being accepted into the Google Grants program is certainly an honor and may feel rewarding, but it also creates a burden on organizations to comply with policies, structure campaigns properly and meet the standards of the program.

We understand the nature of non profit marketing

Let us help you get your story out in a way that will have greater impact and help you make the change that you want. We have worked with non profits to bring in high quality website traffic that results in greater brand awareness, higher levels of engagement and solid results in fundraising, membership and promoting activism. 

We turn intended audiences into passionate advocates

We have worked with environmental non profits, educational foundations, public health information agencies, animal advocacy groups, positive storytellers and advocates for underserved communities. 

We identify the needs and goals of the intended audience and build targeted digital strategies, structured campaigns and analytics strategies that allow us to refine and optimize our approach continuously.

We Leverage Technology As An Agent Of Change

We are digital marketers, creative web and graphic designers, content specialists, search and advertising experts with over 25 years combined experience. Our goal has always been to find and work with clients with vision to make the world a better place. 

Our strategies have evolved over time. We preserve well established principles while adapting and incorporating new technologies as they emerge. Our expertise in online advertising platforms and search engine strategies informs content development and delivery as well as providing feedback on reach and effectiveness. 

We Use Data to Measure Success

We also understand data represents greater recognition of your purpose, new supporters, and lives changed. 

We combine data from Google Analytics and Adwords metrics and use conversion tracking to continuously evaluate your ad copy, keywords and placement, and look for optimization opportunities. 

In the graph below the solid lines represent our results after one year over the dotted lines. The solid lines represent our results after one year over the dotted lines. Clicks increased by a factor of 10, impression increased by a factor of 5, click through rate more than doubled and it remained solid above the 5% level required by Google.

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