We Combine Years of Experience with Up to Date Knowledge.


We build integrated digital strategies to position your business on the internet.

We specialise in paid advertisement, website analytics and company growth. 

We  integrate other services to provide a holistic solutions to our clients these include search engine optimisation (SEO), website design, e-commerce and web content strategies.

We can communicate effectively in English and Spanish.


Bolt Digital Strategies was established in 2011, but our history goes back to the before 2000 when current critical technologies were just emerging. At that time the actual impact of the Internet on everyday lives was pretty small. Some of us were looking for ways to leverage this new medium for reaching greater audiences but events like the Dot-com bubble/crash showed that the world was not ready.

The ideas behind Bolt Digital Strategies were forged and tested in the intense technology environment of Washington D.C. We learned how to employ the tools of search marketing, search engine optimization, website metrics, and search advertising to support small and medium businesses as well as non-profit entities.

When Bolt Digital Strategies was established, we continued to provide consulting to the National Eye Institute via Westat, but also began working with large non-profits such as Carbonfund.org, and health services such as Insight Telepsychiatry. He also continued to work with several web design firms, providing search engine optimization through them to their clients.

In 2013 we moved our operations to Medellin Colombia where we have expanded our network of collaborators and continue to provide specialised services to clients in the US and Canada.


Elizabeth Navas

Elizabeth has been working in online marketing, website design and search optimization since 2015. She has created digital resources, written, visual, and multi-media in both English and Spanish. She has developed numerous websites for clients in the United States as well as helping to craft the content strategy and marketing for these sites. Over this time she has also mastered search engine optimization as well as Google Ads campaigns for both profit and non-profit entities. She has been highly successful in optimizing campaigns in Ads, increasing targeted traffic while lowering the cost per acquisition. She is also experience and has had success with running ad campaigns for YouTube videos.

Prior to entering the field of web development and marketing, Elizabeth trained as an English teacher, then went to work with a US company that specializes in web apps for education doing research. 

Certifications achieved include Hubspot Growth Driven Web Design, Google Ads, and Amazon Web Services.

Daniel Jeffers

Dan loves challenge and complexity. When the Web emerged as the new foundation of human knowledge and interaction, it became the center of his focus.

He started when search engine optimization was just becoming a thing, creating web content that could find its way to search engines to the users who were most interested in it.

He moved over to the public service side and found a new world of opportunity and limitation. Working with federal agencies, meant there was a lot of potentially valuable, highly authoritative content but also had a nest of regulations and restrictions to manage. Many of these were written before the Web, but still applied to public communication.

Becoming co-owner of Bolt Digital Strategies was the perfect chance for Dan to apply his experience to clients from across the spectrum, small businesses, startups, non-profits, and support for Government agencies. Working with the team, he helped develop strategies for success in search advertising, social media, and Google’s grants for non-profits. He has achieved certifications in Google Ads and Google Analytics.

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